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Used Car Buyers Guide

Buying used is a great way to find the vehicle you need without committing to a new lease or financing. Vehicles typically drop in value significantly after only one year off the lot-which means you can find almost-new quality while staying in your budget. If you're considering a used vehicle, it's important to know the basics to make the process as easy and rewarding as possible. Below are a list of our top tips to consider when finding your latest acquisition. At Borgman Holland Used Cars, we want your experience to be as flawless as possible!

Build a list. Before heading to the lot, choose three to five vehicles that you're interested in based on a balance of lifestyle needs and budget. Know what type of car you'd like before shopping our used selection, and even notifying us before hand to pull inventory is recommended. If you're looking to gain information on vehicles or discuss a deal, a weekday afternoon will yield a more relaxed, personal experience since it's the slowest part of the day.

Stick with a dealership. Dealerships check used vehicles and approve them after an inspection process to ensure your vehicle is in the advertised condition. The vehicle's history is checked, CPO (certified pre-owned) options are clear and communicated, and we offer the Red Coat Warranty! In addition, dealership employees do want to serve you and give you the best deal you can-by listening to their current incentives and suggestions, you could drive off the lot with a nicer, safer vehicle than you thought was in your scope at the same price.

Do a mileage check. With an average mileage of 10,000 per year, it's easy to look at how the car has been used. Double check extra low mileages by calculating this average with the vehicle's age, and checking the last service for the mileage to ensure it is accurate.

Observe the condition. Don't hesitate to observe closely. Dip your head along the body, crouch on the ground and look for proper tire wear, and spy any scratches, dents, or cracks. These features are important components for overall condition evaluation and can reflect the treatment from the previous owner. On CPO vehicles, the dealership can verify accident reports and history. This can also assist you in predicting the type of maintenance that will be required.

Test drive! While test driving, check the overall comfort of the driving position, check the brakes by testing an emergency stop, look for veering or balanced driving, feel for good suspension and smoothness over bumps, and observe the passenger space for preferences like car seat space and storage. Ensure the vehicle would fit with your lifestyle! In addition, bring a friend or relative to sit in the passenger seats (front and back) to get a full experience perspective during the drive.

Car insurance. Before you take ownership of the new vehicle, make sure you have car insurance sorted out-ask the dealership about temporary insurance options, or simply ensure yours is in place before driving the vehicle off of our lot. It's also wise to estimate car insurance on the vehicle you're most serious about to gain insight on how much that make and model could impact your monthly spending.

Check the documents. Ensure the manual, finance package, and sales contract are present. Read everything thoroughly, and ensure you have the resources to inform future service workers or potential future buyers about the vehicle. Treat it as an investment!

Don't forget the spares! Does it come with at least one spare key, and a spare tire? If you're experiencing any hesitation, have questions, or are ready to find your car, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Our Red Coat Promise includes unmatchable service and our unique Borgman Pre-Owned Warranty. We're thrilled to help you make the next big move toward finding the car that is right for you. Contact us to schedule an appointment, or stop by anytime. We look forward to serving you!